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Daddy DNA
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As Father's Day approaches, I have been thinking a lot about my dad. My favourite memories of him are the action-packed Sunday hikes we used to take in Cape Town. He truly loved nature and the environment, teaching me to appreciate and fall in love with our beautiful country!

Father's Day got me thinking about all that I have learned about being optimally well since his passing. He never got to see all the changes I've made since that awful, dark time in 2010 when I was diagnosed with an estrogen-positive, ovarian cancer. My father passed away at the age of 74 from complications pertaining to cardiometabolic syndrome. I truly believe that this was due to many factors - genetics, stress, poor nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices because of a lack of information! He grew up during the 1940s and 1950s - a time after WW2 when many chemicals entered our foods and personal care products. This was part of the post-war period and was considered 'advancements' in science as these chemical preserved products for longer! No one knew about the impact that they could have on people's health. Even when my dad was in his 40s, he did not know that his biochemistry was already 'tipping' him towards a lifestyle-related, chronic disease. He had no idea 'what' was going on underneath the surface, deep inside his biochemistry. He had no idea that all his daily, tiny choices compound over time, impacting on his DNA. He lived during a time in history where you waited until you were sick and then took action!

My journey has taught me so much about the power of owning your own medical data, and the importance of standing in the centre of your health choices. My greatest learning has come from knowing what my genetic variations are for key lifestyle-related genes coupled with a Functional Medicine approach to wellness. 

Functional Medicine was founded in 1991 and The Human Genome Projected was only completed in 2003 - which means that my dad didn't have the opportunity to access these latest developments in science, health, and wellness. But your Dad can. He is not too old or too young to learn about his genes or to take action to support his unique biochemistry for optimal wellness. 

Like me - I'm sure you want your Dad around for a long time! That's why Heidi and I came up with the idea of gifting dads' DNA. Our bestsellers for men are the DNA | Health + Diet + Sport and DNA | Health + Estrogen + Diet + Sport (yes, man have estrogen too - think of man boobs or 'moobs'!).




Give him the gift of wellness - it's for life!


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