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Could a DNA TEST save your life? By Equilibro - Michelle Doyle

Could a DNA TEST save your life? By Equilibro - Michelle Doyle
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I have been curious about genetic testing ever since actress Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy a few years ago after a DNA test. She had learned that she had a faulty BRCA gene which, experts say, dramatically increased her cancer risk profile.

Women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations have a higher risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and Angelina didn’t want to risk getting cancer. I sometimes wonder if I would’ve done the same thing if I was in that situation. The thought of not seeing my five-year-old grow up is utterly terrifying.


This is exactly what Margie Gander and Heidi van Loggerenberg went through – cancer with a young family. It gave me chills when I listened to the two women share their story at a workshop in Johannesburg last weekend. How devastating must this not be? Surely every mother’s worst nightmare?

Margie and Heidi had been best friends since they were eight years old. They did everything together during their childhood, university and starting their families. When Heidi was 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and a year later, at a gynae check-up, Margie found out she had ovarian cancer. They both had young children and regular lives (in fact Heidi was living a vegan lifestyle and is a homeopath) and couldn’t fathom why they would get cancer. Neither of them had a family history of cancer. During her illness, Heidi had started researching the science of epigenetics and biochemistry and soon Margie joined her in a quest to find answers. And so, JOINCIRCLES was born.


After three years of research in Oxford amongst other places, they made the conclusion: everyone has their own DNA profile and predisposition to illness. Margie and Heidi both had their DNA tested and discovered that they had a similar profile when it came to “detox genes” and that their bodies don’t process toxins, as well as other people, may. This meant that the toxins that they had exposed themselves to over their lifetime, had an impact on how their DNA expressed itself. When pressure was exerted on this “weakened state”, an illness, in their case, estrogen-positive cancer, manifested. They determined that everyone is different, and the pressures that made them ill, may not have the same impact on someone else.


JOINCIRCLES have made a study of chronic illnesses that evolve from small genetic mutations. Many of us can happily live long lives with these mutations until “pressure” is put on them. This pressure can be a life event like a big shock or excessive stress. And the pressure can then manifest as an illness.

We can manage the pressure on our genes through:
 Knowledge: understanding how our body works
 DNA and biogenetic testing: understanding where our potential weaknesses lie
 Nutrition: supporting your DNA by eating right, see the details of “eating the rainbow” in our video
 Environment: making sure our bodies are not exposed to unnecessary toxins
 Lifestyle: Making lifestyle changes like exercising and sweating to rid our bodies of toxins. Regular exercise can lower your risk of a lifestyle-related disease by up to 50%!

Watch our video:



The JOINCIRCLES website contains lots of information on genetic testing. There are various tests one can undergo for different objectives. Once you’ve determined which test you would like to take, you can order it from the JOINCIRCLES online shop. It is delivered to your chosen address and contains everything you need to take the test.

JOINCIRCLES also has a “nutrition and lifestyle shop” with useful products that will help you take pressure off your genes. They stock various food and wellness products and non-toxic lifestyle products like Lula Fox makeup, Equilibrio’s favourite natural makeup brand. And, once you’ve had your DNA tested and know where your mutations and potential weaknesses are, you can conveniently “shop by gene”.

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Equilibrio is in the beginning stages of discovering genetic testing and how the knowledge of our own genetic mutations could predispose us to certain illnesses. We’re both keen to have our DNA tested and learning more about the process. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this front. 

Michelle Boyle

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