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Book a consult with Dr Heidi

Book a consult with Dr Heidi
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Dr Heidi van Loggerenberg is the co-founder of JOINCIRCLES and a qualified homoeopath. 

Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 35 years old and started JOINCIRCLES with Margie Gander to help others with what they had learnt about epigenetics and personalising your health choices from your DNA up!

Heidi has studied anti-ageing medicine, integrative medicine and is currently completing her Functional Medicine Practitioners course through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), USA. Heidi has also studied kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners and masters and a post-grad course in genetic counselling: 'The Principles of Genetic Counselling', University of Cape Town (UCT).

She has always been a healthy food enthusiast and ran a monthly raw vegan potluck club, called 'The Raw Luck Club', 2010-2011. The aim was to encourage people to practice the many new ways of preparing fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods, as well as socialising with like-minded people. To further her wholistic nutritional interest, Heidi became a certified Food & Spirit practitioner through Dr Deanna Minich in 2016. 

Heidi has a great overview of health products in the marketplace from her time as the health category marketer for the Clicks's pharmacy brand in 2001-2003. Heidi lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and 2 daughters. 

Heidi can help you integrate and personalise your nutrition, environment and lifestyle health choices based on your JOINCIRCLES DNA test results. While she can not take you on as an ongoing patient, she helps you weave your DNA results together in a meaningful way so you know where your genetic strengths and weakness lie, and how you can start becoming healthier from your DNA up!

Book a consultation with Dr Heidi


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